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Face recognition solution VDS Smart Class

VDS Smart Class is a biometric attendance system using the most modern 4.0 facial recognition technology with artificial intelligence core.

VDS Smart Class allows the school to always know the student’s status and learning attitudes, helping parents know the situation of their children going to school and learning activities. The system can also help with security alerts and many other advanced features (status identification & study intensity, etc.).


  • Recognize student faces from Camera

  • Support Camera Full HD resolution, with PTZ feature (rotate / scan / zoom)

  • Compact device, easy deployment

  • Automatically operate 24 * 7 * 365 days

  • Detecting break-outs outside permitted time

  • Assess learning attitudes Integrating with LCD screen, showing notifications to remind students about academic discipline

  • Automatically report to the manager about the classroom situation, saving labor costs and time

  • Automatically notify parents of students’ attendance and learning

  • Value brought to customers

  •  Active, continuous, automatic monitoring

  • Reduce labor

  • Enhancing brand for the school

  • Raising the learning awareness of teachers & students

  • Other values (security, school safety)

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